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Welcome to some of my poetry and illustrations and illustrated poems! Use the Pages and Labels on the right to go see old work, fundamentals etc. Have fun!

The Fantastic Strange Novel. Selected art below!

The Fantastic Strange is my first novel and filled with over 80 illustrations.  It is currently being revised in a great way. Read some reviews of the first edition!

“I loved every minute while reading this book.” — Amazon Review

...I couldn’t put it down. Actually, I plan to read it again. I must read it again!” — Amazon Review

“I found myself looking forward to reading it each day and even rearranged my schedule so that I could devote more time to enjoying “The Fantastic Strange.”” — Amazon Review 

It is truly a complete work of art.” — Amazon Review

Incredibly cinematic, you can readily imagine this as a film for the big screen. Highly enjoyable!” — Amazon Review

Pick it up at Amazon here: The Fantastic Strange Paperback, and here: Kindle edition for the ebook and enjoy!

HERE is the Book Trailer!

Back Cover:
STEP RIGHT UP, one and all, save for the faint of heart! Come meet the Bearded Lady, a giant as tall as a tree, and the dangerous Medina who hurls the poisoned blades. From adventure on the high seas to the wide open plains where hobos lose themselves comes a tale of a circus show and its leader, the mysterious Great Mephisto, and how they shake the foundations of one man's life.

Behold the story of an ordinary man, Heinrich, and how he discovers himself to be anything but.

On pages brimming with full color illustrations and poetry, behold the redemption of Heinrich, how he comes to accept his life, including the hardships with overwhelming gratitude, and discovers his purpose.

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