"The stranger fell in love with a lady like a dove and called her by name, pretty Althea"

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Monday, September 22, 2014



She wanted to be a star,
But those times was old and creaky.
Everything is made of wood,
But, why would you believe me.
She was the one full of promise.
Hell, it was quite a show some nights,
That's all it had to be,
The earth was welcoming.
We were her greatest achievement,
And the grass was warm and we'd dance and sing,
And soft when I laid down to gaze at the sky,
nothing was frightening.
And Youth is a gift!
and I would have stayed there forever, that's my heart.
But, for her, she saw a different twinkle...
And she left me with my ground, So,
I have need to take to the cities, to see...
   where she's to be found.