"The stranger fell in love with a lady like a dove and called her by name, pretty Althea"

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


It is finally here! 'The Fantastic Strange,' the illustrated novel I have been hard at work on for the last three years, is arrived and available on Amazon.

The story is about one man's unexpected and mysterious journey to discover his place in the world. It is full of poetry, illustrations, imagination, tragedy, heart, and ultimately, great triumph! It is not for children, it is for you. I wrote this to thrill and inspire every reader.  It is meant to be a wonderful experience.
So please enjoy it. Maybe shed a tear for the wildness in it. I have done my very best, and I am confident you will like your time spent betwixt the covers of 'The Fantastic Strange'!
The Amazon link: The Fantastic Strange Novel
Also, whenever you finish, feel free to email me and definitely leave a review on Amazon! Thank you! Have a great adventure...
For prints and more information visit thefantasticstrange.com/

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